Our Terms & Conditions

We have a team of 52 technicians from various parts of the globe, highly trained specifically to offer professional cleaning services. Our technicians are professionally trained to handle both cleanings by manual and machine.
   After a proper negotiation with our client, we will dispatch with immediate effect, a client to his/her country to handle his/her consignment.

Payment Terms

For those who want to buy chemicals, we accept payments according to the location of the client but, part payment must be confirmed 24 hours prior shipping then, the rest on delivery.
  For those who want us to come and handle their consignments, we will negotiate payments in person after one of our technicians has seen the consignment and ready to work.


When a chemical or product is bought from us, delivery is done by a security transport company which is 100% reliable. Delivery will depend on the destination. Within the USA, we deliver a maximum of 48 hours after confirming the order, and for the rest of the world like Asia, Middle East, Europe is 2-3 days.

Quality Guarantee

After all, details received from a client regarding his/her deface notes, we will ship the appropriate quality of chemical to be used for the cleaning. Our chemicals are 100% working Automatic working SSD Cleaning solution 2020.

Order Cancellation & Refund

Clients have 24 hours to cancel their orders within 24 hours after upfront payment (part payment as stated in PAYMENT TERMS) and are liable to full refund within 1-3 working days depending on the method of payment client used.